How You Can Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

There are specific traits that you should look for in a personal injury lawyer including:

  • The attorney should be knowledgeable about accident-related injuries.  If you need a truck accident attorney then seek one with that specific experience.
  • The attorney should have certification in personal injury litigation.
  • The attorney should be familiar with insurance policies, companies, and coverages.
  • The attorney should have an excellent understanding of the law and court experience.
  • The attorney should have good credentials. (Specifically, prior case experience with favorable outcomes for their clients.)
  • Does the attorney charge you for your first consultation? Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency – meaning, they only get paid after they win a settlement on your behalf.

Asking the Right Questions to Your Personal Injury Attorney

In addition to the qualifications a lawyer should have you may want to ask a series of questions to an attorney that includes:

  • How often do you go to trial? This will show the amount of experience your attorney has and insurance companies keep track of attorneys that spend time in court for faster settlements.
  • What’s your current caseload? Attorneys that have too many cases can be bogged down and unable to go to trial, or may miss deadlines, which can cause further problems.
  • Will you tell me when an offer is made? It’s important that your attorney has an open line of communication to let you know when an offer is made no matter how big or small.
  • If you accept my case and can’t reach a settlement, will you take the case to trial? This is an important question as your attorney has a responsibility to protect you and your best interests at heart.
  • How long do expect my case to take? Most attorneys have a general idea and should be able to give you some type of time frame for your case.

Make Your Decision

Not all personal injury cases are the same. Make sure to do the proper research and ask the right questions to have the best outcome for your legal situation. Make sure you like the personal injury attorney and feel confident that he will work with you to handle your case.


Hurt In An Accident? Contact A Personal Injury Attorney ASAP!

You were running the daily errands, and suddenly you feel like everything goes into slow motion as the airbags go off in your vehicle. Time speeds up, and you realize you have just been in a car accident. An ambulance shows up and takes you off to the hospital where you begin receiving treatment and start to recover from your injuries.

The doctors tell you that there might be permanent nerve damage, and your partner starts receiving calls from the other parties’ insurance company trying to get you to sign some paperwork. What should you do next?

Seek Professional Help from a Personal Injury Attorney

Aside from any emotional turmoil you might be facing you could have other issues to deal with including: your injuries, damage to vehicles, insurance agents and police reports, hospital bills, rehab, time off from work, and this could be just the beginning.

When you hire a car wreck lawyer, they will stand behind you and take care of a lot of these problems. Personal Injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle issues such as:

  • Property Damage: Besides your vehicle being damaged and getting fair compensation for it, they might look at repairs for other property depending who is at fault.
  • Medical Payments: They will look at your personal coverage as well as the person who is at fault. They will make sure all of your medical bills are handled properly and that the insurance company pays for what it states.
  • Long-Term Care and Support: Personal injury attorneys look for long-term problems you might be facing with your health as a result of your accident. This could include back problems and other chronic injuries resulting from your accident.

Finding the Right Attorney

You will want to find the right personal injury attorney quickly to help you get the support you need as every state has a statute of limitations when action can be taken against the appropriate parties. Insurance companies will often seek to settle quickly to limit their exposure which can results in a smaller settlement than what you might be entitled. Get the help you need by finding a skilled personal injury attorney today.

What Probate Attorneys Can Do For Your Family

A will outlines your last wishes, and it can help you provide for your family should anything happen to you. Ensuring the will is valid and gets carried out is equally important. Probate attorneys ensure that everything included in your will is enforced since you won’t be able to do it yourself. Often times, a will attorney can double as a probate lawyer, but if this isn’t the case, you can enlist the services of a probate lawyer to ensure your interests are well taken care of. There are a few key things a probate attorney can do for your family.

Helps You Provide For Your Family When Deceased

Before your death, you can get a probate attorney to help you prepare a will, plan your estate, appoint beneficiaries, as well as set up trusts in order for every one of your loved ones to have the support and funds they need. Moreover, the attorney can help you maximize tax savings in addition to avoiding probate court, all of which can eat into your family’s inheritances.

Helps Your Family After Your Death

After your death, a probate lawyer can help your loved ones with taking stock of your estate,  apportioning it and distributing it (if you die intestate), carrying out your will, and ensuring that every property is distributed based on your final wishes.

Represents Your Family in Probate Court

Sometimes your will may be contested, or you may not have left a will altogether. In such situations, your estate would end up in probate court.  A Probate attorney can represent you and your family’s best interests and ensure your loved ones receive the money they deserve. Probate attorneys will ensure the process runs quickly and smoothly, and also do their best to protect your loved ones from having to pay exorbitant probate costs among other fees.

Hire a Quality Probate Attorney

The primary aim of a will is to ensure your family and properties are protected after your death. Probate attorneys can help you draw a comprehensive will that clearly outlines your final wishes and assist your family avoid probate. They assist you with the planning of your estate, protecting your family’s wellbeing, in addition to ensuring that they get the necessary support after your death.

Rainey and Rainey Attorneys are Probate Lawyers in Waco, TX specializing in Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury Trial Law.

Understanding Different Types of Power of Attorney (POA)

Power of attorney (POA) refers to legal documents that allow you to appoint  another person who can either make decisions on your behalf, or support you to make sound and effective decisions. These powers give choice of control for a variety of different situations.

Medical POA

Medical power of attorney gives authority to an agent to take particular control over your health decisions should you become debilitated or unable to do so. Medical power of attorney normally takes effect upon the presiding physician’s consent, and it allows the appointed agent to authorize every medical decision related to you.

Limited POA

A limited, or special, power of attorney grants someone else the power to act on your behalf for a very limited task. For instance, a limited power of attorney may allow someone to sign a deed to property in your stead when you have other commitments elsewhere. It normally ends at a time stated in the document that you decide.

General POA

General power of attorney is comprehensive and grants your attorney-in-fact all the rights and powers you have yourself. These may include conducting financial transactions on your behalf, paying your bills, as well as signing documents for you.

You don’t have to be incapacitated to use a general power of attorney; you can use them whenever you need someone to assist you with financial matters.  Normally, a general power of attorney should end on your incapacitation or death, unless you quash it before then.

Durable POA

With a durable power of attorney, you can allow someone else to manage all your affairs should you become incapacitated. It doesn’t have a specified time period and takes effect immediately upon your incapacitation. It expires upon your death.

Springing POA

The springing power of attorney allows your agent to act on your behalf in the future if a particular event occurs, like incapacitation or a triggering event that happens when you are away and cannot handle it. If you opt for a springing power of attorney, it is imperative that you clearly define in the document, the standard for determining incapacity or triggering event.

Hire a Power of Attorney Lawyer

With the different types of power of attorney having specific functions and purposes, you should consult a lawyer to know the ideal power of attorney with regard to your specific needs.

Rainey & Rainey, Attorneys are Power of Attorney Lawyers in Waco, TX with an emphasis on Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury Trial Law.

Why A Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You Get the Highest Settlement

Truck accidents are different from the other vehicle crashes due to federal laws that regulate the trucking industry. Truck operators have to carry insurances with greater limits than that of standard auto drivers. Parties other than the truck operators may share financial liability when it comes to an accident. For this reason, if an at-fault truck driver injures you, you have a better chance of getting the maximum settlement than a complainant in a standard vehicle accident. These factors can impact the settlement after a truck accident.

Government Regulations for Conduct and Insurance

Truck drivers, owners, as well as manufacturers must observe several state and federal regulations when it comes to insurance. Some of the regulations include the distance a driver can go before resting and the maximum weight a rig can haul.

In any particular accident where you are not at fault, there is a chance that the defendant breached a regulation. This is essential for settlement purposes as evidence of violation of a regulation greatly increases your probabilities of winning at trial. With higher odds of you winning at trial, a defendant will be more willing to settle before trial.

There is also the aspect of higher insurance requirements imposed on truck owners and operators. With the higher truck-insurance minimum policy limits set by law, you cannot be stuck with a smaller settlement even if the respondent only carries the minimum insurance.

The Impact of Multiple Respondents on Settlement

When multiple respondents are involved in litigation, all of them may be equally liable for paying your damages. Otherwise, everyone may only be liable for the individual damages caused.
For instance, a tired operator may share partial liability for a crash with the maker of faulty tires. You could sue the operator as well as the manufacturer. In case it becomes hard to determine the degree of each respondent’s fault, the manufacturer would have to settle more than its share of the damages if the operator lacks enough assets and insurance to pay their half.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

You are more likely to receive a high settlement if involved in a truck accident to that over a regular car accident in most cases. However, if you have been involved in a commercial-truck accident, having a qualified personal injury attorney who specializes in truck accidents on your side who is an expert in this type of practice will help ensure that best outcome possible.

Probate Attorneys, Elder Law Attorney, Or General Counsel – Which is right for my situation?

Inheritance law and Estate planning are some complex legal subjects to say the least.  A good attorney will not only guide you through procedures and paperwork, but also represent you in any court actions that may arise. To determine the ideal attorney for your particular case, you need to understand what each attorney does.

Probate Attorney

A probate attorney specializes in the proceedings that ensue when a will gets to the distribution phase. The person who wrote a will must be deceased for a will to enter probate. While many individuals who write wills opt to have an attorney administer them, a family member will be mandated to officiate in some cases.

There are several reasons why you may need to retain a probate attorney. There may be a dispute over the testament terms. One party may dispute the legitimacy of the will or an aspect of the terminology. Such situations often become very heated, and even result to court battles.

Additionally, some parties may decide to relinquish their status as a testament administrator to specialized attorneys. Afterwards, the firm will handle the legal details, making sure there are no errors in how the properties are distributed.

Elder Law Attorney

Unlike the probate attorney, an elder law attorney specializes in matters affecting the elderly, rather than matters impacting heirs. If you are a senior, child of a senior, or have power of attorney for a senior, and you are seeking guidance with difficult life decisions, an elder law attorney would be your perfect choice. They can assist with things like Medicaid Planning, Wills and Trusts, Guardianships, and Heirships.

General Counsel

If you are looking for a generic representation or basic legal advice, you may only need to hire a general counsel lawyer. Anyone serving as a general counsel may refer you to an expert for any specialized issues.

While a general counsel attorney can represent you whenever necessary, it is often useful for coordinating legal issues with other uncooperative individuals. For example, you may retain a general counsel for any legal problems you might run across in the future.

Hire the right attorney for your needs

Most attorneys specialize in a specific area of the law. You should choose the ideal attorney based on your situation. General counsel is usually an integral starting point as it always advisable to seek an attorney’s services in an area where you expect legal complications.

Cases That Call for a Personal Injury Attorney

Many of us think about going to a personal injury attorney when we have obvious circumstances, and we know when we require a Car Wreck Lawyer, Truck Accident Attorney, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Defective Product Lawyer, Construction Accident Attorney, or have Job Related Injuries. In these instances, and many other times, people are often not aware that they could be in their legal rights to collect more compensation. When should you seek out the help of a personal injury attorney?

Personal Injury Claims

Long-Term Disabling Injuries: Most accident compensation claims are calculated on how severe your injuries are and the amount of medical bills you have. However, recovery time may be long-term and insurance companies fail to take this into consideration. You may be in constant pain that was not there six months ago or other symptoms might worsen.  If you are concerned about how much you should recover from an accident you will want to the help an experienced accident attorney to get the most from your claim.

Toxic Exposure: You may be in a situation where you worked around an abundance of dangerous chemicals, or it could have been there were harmful levels of chemicals in or around your drinking supply. When it comes to these types of cases, the claims are difficult to prove. With a legal expert on your side, the impossible becomes possible.

Insurance Company Refusing Payment: An insurance company will often try to limit the “fair” payments they make, or may try to make no payments at all. You have done all that you can on your own, and now it’s time to turn to the legal experts.

Mental Anguish: There are an abundance of scenarios where you SHOULD be reimbursed for mental anguish. Let’s say you are the parent of a child who was abducted, or someone invaded your privacy by spying on you through your windows. These scenarios could cause you to have a specific degree of mental anguish that may cause long-term psychological effects, for which should potentially be compensated.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The different scenarios that a person can go through are innumerable. Many people are either too scared to file, or don’t know that they me entitled to compensation. In all of these scenarios you should get the help of an experienced personal injury attorney that will fight to get the compensation you deserve.

James Rainey is a Personal Injury Lawyer in Waco Texas that is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.